Adult Online Guru

Jay Servidio, Founder of Teleteria Inc.,has become an icon in the adult website development industry over the 2 last decades and is known for developing cost effective turn-key adult website solutions. Jay’s company, Teleteria has been providing low cost – high quality adult website solutions since 1994. Jay Servidio offers high-end, membership, novelty, live-cam, Sports Betting, and Casino Gaming Websites on JayServidio.com, Teleteria.net, and startapornsite.com. Those interested in adult websites as an investment opportunity can visit Mr. Servidio’s websites and purchase a complete package online: Transactions are 100% private, secure, and you remain anonymous.

JayServidio has offered seminars nationwide and has been a public speaker in advocacy for the industry since 1994, before anyone else saw the potential for adult content and membership sites as an investment for everyday people who may never consider alternative income streams outside of conventional means.

Early Life

JayServidio began his journey back in 1994 with a modest, yet successful attempt, to resell long distance phone services, and provide adult party & date phone lines. Shortly there after, he ventured into the widely unknown world of the Internet Development and Online E-commerce Industry.
Within a year, Jay was building high-end commercially branded websites for all types of companies and in many different industries.

As the Internet and Jay’s knowledge progressed, he noticed a trend developing in that a majority of prospects wanted high-profiting, done-for-you, adult websites such as Erotic Content and Membership Websites, Sports Betting Portals, and Casino Gaming Sites. None of the dozen or so web development companies were offering affordable, turn-key, adult sites of any kind at the time.

JayServidio saw great opportunity in the marriage of turnkey website development and Adult Content thus inventing an entire new industry. Jay began to educate his clients and curious, investment-seeking onlookers on how to make significant money online by owning their own turn-key adult websites.

The Success

JayServidio’s success in the industry is largely due to his methodologies regarding the empowerment of his clients and he teaches them everything about the inner workings of internet marketing and promoting their personally owned web assets.

To this day, JayServidio enables his loyal customers to generate big online profits and long-term sustainable online income with exotic adult content, sports betting, and Casino Gaming membership websites.

Now that Teleteria has turned 20 I wish to thank all of our loyal clients who trusted us and continue to make huge profits in the adult internet industry. I am sure none of us had any idea that we would still be here 20 years later.

Now that time has passed we can see clearly that this industry changed the world of adult content. Most of the time adult content will be delivered via the internet which is great for all of us.

The public will be getting their content online and through one or more of our sites. While we didn’t know that we would be successful in 1994, we sure know now and have a better understanding of the future.

I hope to be at my desk 20 years from now writing a similar piece. Keep linking and keep growing.