So, how does an Adult Website, or any Membership Website for that matter, make real money?


Better yet, how do these Websites create Profits for their owners? Can Jay Servidio show me how to accomplish this? Will Jay Servidio take care of me?

Of course Jay Servidio can and has been since 1994. Here is a list of the primary components of a profitable Website:

  • Usability – it must be usable and easy to navigate
  • Traffic – it must have traffic, or visitors. Organically or paid.
  • Conversion – it must turn prospects into customers, usually.

That’s it. That is all you need to accomplish and yet many¬†website owners have difficulty with all three. This means there is an incredible amount of opportunity out there for the taking by anyone willing to get all three even a little bit right. Add the million new users each and every week and you have the opportunity of a lifetime here. Jay Servidio has been helping people from all over the world come into the adult online market and getting them to profit since 1994.
If Jay Servidio can help them he sure can help you.
Get started with your first site and begin the flow of traffic. Once your first site has a revenue stream and a profit stream them get more sites and add to your account. The more sites you control the larger footprint you will have on the net and Jay Servidio and his staff can help you each and every step of the way.
Teleteria has clients with over 100 web sites all linked together all generating traffic and sharing traffic to increase profits.
Jay Servidio the Adult Online Guru will personally show you how to get started and profit. You need to take the first step. Call us or fill out the jay servidio

Jay Servidio