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October 21, 2014
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Jay Servidio – Creating the Adult Turn-Key Website Industry

Jay Servidio - Founder of the Adult Turn-Key Website Industry

Jay Servidio – Founder of the Adult Turn-Key Website Industry

MCI, Sprint and finally AT&T.  From telemarketing rep to national sales.

From  $6.00 an hour to 80k a year Jay Servidio moved up. What did it get me? Experience and knowledge. College taught me practically nothing.

It was when I started working for MCI in 1983 at an hourly rate that would be spent in one night at the Cobblestone Bar drinking Stoli Cranberry where I learned how business was made.

I learned how sales were made and what happened next and what happened prior. Pretty much everything I needed to know to run my own company I would learn over the next 11 years working in corporate America.

Necessity is the mother of invention. I needed to achieve financial independence. Getting fired from job after job created a serious amount of financial insecurity and I needed to get that out of my life once and for all.

Teleteria was invented and has been the vehicle to get me there since 1994.

I first attempted to get Teleteria started in 1992. The idea was to get 50k and buy phone answering equipment and install it on the island of Anguilla directly in their phone center.

I had called every  phone company in the Virgin Islands and spoke direct to the man in charge.

I, Jay Servidio,  said I wanted a block of 1000 phone numbers, (ani’s) and wanted a 50/50 split on all revenue of the phone calls made to those numbers.

Jay Servido - Karate and Martial Arts Teacher

Jay Servido – Karate and Martial Arts Teacher

Those calls would be answered by my equipment and they would listen to prerecorded messages which would be adult in nature.

JayServidio.com would then market those phone numbers which would produce the call volume and then offer the destination point to all the other people who marketed adult phone numbers and hit a home run.

The guy loved the idea and we now had a partner. JayServidio.com was born.

Michael and Hyman Roth has a partner a mere 90 miles from Miami in Cuba.

We had to go substantially further, 1341 miles to be exact but we had a partner and I don’t think Castro would have been interested in my deal anyway.

However, the only people willing to give me the 50k wanted to pay me like an employee and I picked up my marbles and left.

I, Jay Servidio, tried to explain to them that the whole premise was to make me the guy and not the employee but they weren’t hearing that. Golden rule, the guy with the gold makes the rules.

In 1994 I has another idea.

To get incorporated under Teleteria and begin reselling long distance for MCI and offering ppc numbers which are pay per call, 900, 970, 976, and 540 numbers.

With the reselling deal you got 10% of the revenue so if you had built up 100k in monthly revenue you made 10k a month, month after month.

It was easy money.

So my life then became running the business, going to the gym,  AA meetings, eating and sleeping. Its pretty much the same thing now only with a bunch of kids and a karate school.

Phone ringing off the hook now. Got to go be back later with update.

JayServidio.com never closes. JayServidio.com is always open.


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I truly appreciate my readers, customers, and those researching the industry. Good Luck, and do not hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you from Jay Servidio.