Jay Servidio – Creating the Adult Turn-Key Website Industry
October 19, 2014
Jay Servidio’s views on new SEO methods
March 11, 2015
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Jay Servidio’s Adult Website Industry

jay servidio

jay servidio

I had no idea I was creating an Industry

When I launched my first site in 1994 I had no idea what was to come from it. Honestly I dont think anyone did. Bill Gates is one of the leaders of our generation and it got past him.

First year one site, 75k, second year three sites, 225k, third year ten sites, 450k.

We just celebrated our twentieth year. Where did the time go?

Jay Servidio went from being a young guy in a young industry to the old experienced guy.

Everything we did at the beginning was trial and error. There were less then 1000 sites online then.

We tried to link to every site we could find. To every site that would have us.

When we sign up new clients now I try to share that experience with them.

I dont know if they believe me or think I am exaggerating.

Thats what we did for traffic at the start.

Now we have a step by step process that our clients go through to build traffic.

We work close with them daily to ensure the process happens.

Jay Servidio has now become the most experienced person in the adult online industry.

All you have to do as a new client is follow the steps as close as possible.

Follow the steps of people who have walked before you and found success.