Jay Servidio has been developing high-end Adult Membership Websites for Clients of his Company Teleteria since 1994. Here is what people are saying about Jay and his Done-for-you Website Solutions:

John H. Weston Ct.

I first contacted Jay Servidio in 1999. I ordered 2 sites and hired a friend to help with the marketing. It took a  little over 2 months for my sites to make a profit. I immediately ordered 5 more sites and repeated the process. Over the next ten years my sites earned well over ten million dollars. I kept ordering more sites and ran it like any other business I was connected to. I can tell you clearly that if you order sites from Teleteria and market them the way they teach you the profits are there for you. More and more each year. I promised to give a Jay Servidio Testimonial after I did well so this has been my Jay Servidio Testimonial and I hope it inspires you.

Alyssa M. Pompano Beach Fla.

My boyfriend and I thought about starting a web cam site. We did some research online and found Teleteria. We both spoke to Jay Servidio and after the brochure came and we gave it alot of thought we started with one site. It took us about 3 months to get enough traffic for people to start buying memberships but we made money right away on webcam. We would average about $2000.00 per week working 4-5 nights a week. It was fun but tiring. After about 6 months we started to hire other web cam models and focused mostly on marketing. We had no idea that we could make this into a real business. Jay told us a million times but until we saw it with our own eyes we didnt completely believe it. Were so glad we did business with Teleteria. I promised I would give him a great Jay Servidio testimonial if I did good.

Norm P. Houston Texas.

Right off the bat Jay Servidio struck me as a pushy New Yorker and I didnt like him. But as I listened more I began to understand. This guy is crazy about the business. Even now when I call to discuss adding to my account he still is like a crazy guy on the phone. Hes loud and he interrupts me alot. But I promised him I would do a Jay Servidio testimonial if I did good. The man is just crazy about the business. I love him. I have over 50 sites now after starting with just one about 4 years ago. There is NO place online where someone can make this kind of money. Last year I did 6.3 million dollars in revenue. There is no reason you cant get started today with one site and build up. Go big or go home! Thanks Jay and here the Jay Servidio testimonial I promised you.

Jeff M. Muttontown N.Y.

Jay is the best. What more can I say. He financed me when I started with one site. I was living in Oceanside NY at the time. After 3 short years I bought a 3 million dollar home in Muttontown NY. Still on Long Island just a way better view. In the 3 years I have been a Teleteria customer I made over one millions dollars. By the time 2014 will be over I will do at least 1.5 million and it keeps going up. Every month, quarter and year my revenue goes up. Why? Because if someone who has made a ton of money tells you what to do you better listen close and follow their instructions perfectly. Which I did. Dont waste time. get a site up today and follow the program. Well, thats my Jay Servidio testimonial I promised him.

Katrina T. Las Vegas NV.

I met Jay at a conference in Vegas. I really met him at a strip club he went to after the conference. We talked for nearly 2 hours about the online adult business. I kept thinking when is this guy going to ask me for a dance! By the time he was done all I could think of was that I needed to get a site up for myself and stop dancing. I had read all these Jay Servidio testimonial from other people and I promised that if I did well I would do a Jay Servidio Testimonial too. I had been dancing for so long I didnt know if I could do anything else. Besides I havent seen poles abused that bad since the Nazis. Seriously, I talked to Jay like a hundred times before I got the courage to get involved and boy am I glad I did. Its been a little over a year now and I make enough money that I havent danced in months and I am more present for my little girl. I feel that I am a better mom to her simply because I am able to spend more time with her. I love the new life. I am very grateful to Jay Servidio and Teleteria for the opportunity. I am also very proud of myself for taking the chance an doing the work. Thanks Jay and I hope you like my Jay Servidio testimonial.


jay servidio testimonials

jay servidio testimonials