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October 21, 2014
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Jay Servidio’s views on new SEO methods

Currently Google relies heavily on a websites back links in order to rank the website relevant.

That has been the major criteria since Google was in short pants. Personally I agree with the policy and believe that the Internet was created to link networks together so the marketing of websites should follow suit.

However now that every landscape guy is an ‘SEO Specialst’ linking has gotten seriously out of hand. Add India and the Phillipines and there are more people linking sites then there are sites!

So Google is exploring alternatives to the back linking method and one idea they came up with is truth.

Interesting subject as the Internet is still like the wild west meaning lots of lawlessness and horse shit.

Using truth in the algorithm to decide who gets to the top of the engine suits me, Jay Servidio and the staff at Teleteria just fine.  Since 1994 we have been the leader in the adult design industry and that will never change. We are the ones who started the industry. First ones on earth. We build more sites then any other company and our clients make more money daily then the clients of all the other adult design companies combined.  My hope is that they don’t do away with back linking entirely as it would put a lot of people out of work. My hope is that they use linking combined with truth in website info to decide who get first page results and top of that page.

At Teleteria we have been building and marketing adult sites since 1994. We are the first company to offer custom turn key adult sites to the general public. We also own and market our own sites which gives us the experience that the other adult design companies lack. They never owned their own sites. They never marketed their own sites. They have no idea how the site should be designed, what content they need and how they should be marketed to attain profitability. They make 100% of their profit selling sites to people. Sites that will never profit as they have no tools to get the job done. They use free content and the sites are built in template format with no meta tags or key words.

As we move into our 21st year in business I, Jay Servidio, want to continue to make my company better in terms of the package we offer. We are constantly looking for ways to make the packages more attractive and more profitable for our clients. Its our specialty and we do it everyday.